About elphi

Elphi is a SaaS FinTech company streamlining the mortgage lifecycle. They've created a dashboard for processors to communicate and monitor mortgages from origination to securitization. 

What I Did

For this project, I worked with two other people. We were tasked with redesigning the dashboard to be useful for their client at launch. I was the lead in the wireframes stage of the process and created the user flows. I was also involved in the research and design phase of the project. I wrote notes during the user interviews and I gave design insight during the prototype stage.

User Interviews

Elphi had a very specific group of people that they wanted to work with, loan processors. They were the first group to test this out. We interviewed 4 people in this one company that deals with processing mortgages.

Problem Statement

Loan processors needs a way to organize their loans in a concise way and to make sure they can process their loans in a succinct way.

Solution Statement

We believe that by implementing design decisions that are backed by research and feedback, we will create an intuitive interface for the loan processors that elphi can implement.



Paper Wireframes

For the dashboard, we wanted it to be organized with all the important information the processors said they needed. We were thinking of making it color-coded so it would be easier to see which loan was important. But upon sketching, we found the color would be too jarring. We also liked the idea of sorting and filtering as all of the processors we talked to wanted to see all the loans they are assigned and no one else's. They also wanted to sort by the closing date as that is the top priority.

Before the mortgage detail page, there were a bunch of vertical tabs with information. We wanted to make it into a scrollable sidebar to make easier to understand. We also had an idea to set the loans by when they were to close.  


Digital Wireframes

Based on the sketches and paper wireframes, I made a pipeline and tasks page for our digital wireframes.

A/B Testing

I also made a mortgage details page. But we weren't sure if the processors would prefer vertical tabs or horizontal scrolling. So, we decided to do A/B testing.

We spruced it up a bit and then shared it with our users. We found that all of the processors prefered the horizontal scrolling instead of the vertical tabs.

User Flow

Since our new features are adding tasks, edit mortgages and sort and filtering loans, I made 3 separate user flows.

Final Iterations

So in the end this is what the three screens ended up looking like.


Mortgage Details



Next Steps

1) We had a hard time getting users to respond so you ended up testing with people in your network. These processors are now working on this new implemented program. So, I'd want to see what feedback it is that they have.

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